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Synthesis of maleic and fumaric acids from furfural in the presence of betaine hydrochloride and hydrogen peroxide

Nahla Araji, Desix Madjinza, Gregory Chatel,* Audrey H. Moores, Francois Jerome and Karine De Oliveira Vigier*


Here we report the successfully valorization of furfural into maleic acid (MA) and fumaric acid (FA) with a total yield above 90% using an aqueous solution of betaine hydrochloride (BHC) in the presence of hydrogen peroxyde. BHC can be recyclable at least 4 cycles and it can be used to directly convert xylose to MA and FA. 


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Congrats to Nahla for her work, in the framework of our collaboration with Moores’group at McGill University, Canada.