Special Issue in L’Actualité Chimique

It was a pleasure to coordinate the September Issue of L’Actualité Chimique (journal of the French Chemical Society, in French) dedicated to sonochemistry and its applications.

Read my foreword: « Sonochemistry, or how ultrasound make vibrate chemistry! »

Read the other articles online:
– What is sonochemistry?
– Jean-Louis Luche, pioneer of sonochemistry
– Activation of molecules, particles and surfaces by acoustic cavitation
– Organic sonochemistry: in green chemistry, it sparkles!
– Green sono extraction of natural products
– Sonoelectrochemistry: a both investigative and acceleration process tool
– Parametric study for the design of ultrasonic processes: application to sludge pretreatment
– How to use ultrasound in the laboratory? Examples and handling
– Interview of Pascal Pierce, the President of SinapTec


Thank you to all the authors that accepted to write an article in French, in this Special Issue. A special thank you for Prof. Cravotto, for his contribution as President of the European Society of Sonochemistry (ESS).